What Made Me Laugh

Writing Challenge: April 11, 2018

Prompt: What was the last thing that made you laugh.

Pulling the trash is not a glamorous, exciting, or “fun” job. We pulled the full bags from each trash can and replaced each with a fresh bag from the roll. I was on the second to last trash can. I pulled the full bag and began to unroll a fresh bag. Usually, I pull for a second and rip the divider- but this time, I just kept pulling. I pulled and pulled, baffled that I couldn’t find the divider. When I finally go to the end, I held a huge bag in my hand.  Not just a big bag, but a truly, mutant-huge bag: two large trash bags melded together.

“It’s a body-bag!” My co-worker, Cameron, and I joked, holding it out in amazement.

It was a particularly windy day, and the parking-lot was empty.

“I bet we blow away!” Cameron shouted over his shoulder to me as he ran outside with the mutant bag. Holding it open to the wind, he ran around the parking-lot, the bag pulled taunt behind him.

“It’s like a huge, ugly, black kite!” He giggled maniacally as he ran around like an overgrown child.

Still filled with air, he tied it off to become a giant balloon.

“His name is Jeffery.” He informed us as he put Jeffery in his own chair.

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