Writing Challenge: April 13, 2018

Prompt: Describe the view from the nearest window.

I am at home sitting on my ugly, but comfortable couch in my light-filled living-room when I see this prompt. I have never bothered to look out my windows before because I live in a basement.

I look over to left at the white wall, then look up toward the ceiling where the rectangular window shines. I stand and walk over the bright lights. At 5’1” my chin barely reaches the window ledge. I look out and see the concrete stair-well that leads to our front door. The stairwell runs parallel to the window, allowing in more sunlight. The wall is smooth, pale, and a little dirty. Above the 5 steps there is a peak of the overgrown grass, and a sunny dandelion. Though a weed, the bright yellow is welcome color to the otherwise monochromatic view. If I look directly up, I can see a peak of blue sky, but the angle is uncomfortable and unnatural. I admire the view from my hobbit-hole for a second longer, then return to my couch.


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