Perfect Day

Writing Challenge: April 15, 2018

Prompt: Describe your perfect day.

I wake-up, fully refreshed, at 9 am. I make a delicious breakfast and leisurely get dressed. Depending on my mood and the weather I’ll plan my day. If it is sunny and warm I may go for a hike or explore some little shops down town. If the day is raining or cold, I’ll stay inside with a book and some movies. Either way, I’ll be happy and content. When I get hungry I’ll go try a new, local, eatery, or I’ll fix a simple meal for lunch.

My ideal day would be un-rushed and un-hurried. I don’t want to plan every minute, just let things happen as they will. Maybe I’ll take a nap or work on a project after lunch. Maybe I’ll clean the kitchen or work on homework. I don’t know. A perfect day would be one where I can just relax and enjoy life. A mix of productivity and laziness.

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