Mountain Road

Writing Challenge: May 2, 2018

Prompt: Write about a time you were frightened.

I’m scared of driving in unfamiliar places. I anxiously clutch the steering wheel in fear that I will someone else will swerve into me, or that I will lose control. Usually, I have less fear when I am alone on a road, but this flat surface confidence doesn’t transfer to twisting, winding, mountain paths. I was scared half to death when I drove up to Squaw Peak. The sudden turns and drop offs were intimidating and nerve wrecking. On a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I had little worry of other vehicles, with the exception of the occasional vehicle passing in the other direction on their way home. Whenever this happened my muscles tenses until they had safely passed my car.

I crept up the mountain at a glacial pace and rejoiced when I made it to the top. The sudden feeling of relief and accomplishment nearly overwhelmed me. I was impressed with myself when I made it up the mountain without incident and was able to relax on my way down, now confident that I could make the drive again


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