Hate Triangle

Writing Challenge: June 27, 2018

Prompt: Write about 3 sworn enemies trapped in a hate triangle

We all entered the boardroom at the same time. We exchanged curt nods, as polite society dictates, but those nods were accompanied by hardened glares. If the enemy of my enemy is my friend I don’t know what our relationships are. I hated them both and knew that the feelings were mutual. We’ve been in stiff competition since college, the three of us locked in grueling battle for grades, recognition, and jobs. For the past decade there were occasional temporary alliances, back-stabbing, sabotage, and full-frontal attacks. One never got further ahead than the others- there was an exchange of success, failures, wins, and defeats. We were only ever content when the other two failed. Today, one of us would be victor in this board room. One of us would win the sales pitch. One of us would bring our company a new client. One of us would walk out with heads held high with the other two began to plot their revenge.

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