Actions I Admire

Writing Challenge: June 29, 2018

Prompt: What are some actions you admire?


I admire actions that seem small but say a lot:

I admire the simplicity of stopping to pick up a piece of litter from the ground.

I admire the kindness of saying “thank you” when a barista hands you your coffee.

I admire the boldness of speaking-up when others would rather you remain silent.

I admire the tenacity of working toward a dream when it’s easier to give up.

I admire the reverence of finding awe in the beauty around you.

I admire the bravery of admitting when you were wrong.


Big gestures receive praise for their flare and grandeur. One action preformed one time to convince yourself and the world that this is who you are.

To me, it is the small things, done without an audience, without recognition that show who you really are.


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