What Does Life Mean?

Writing Challenge: July 1, 2018

Prompt: What does life mean to you?

There is a difference between being alive and living; physical life and a fulfilled life.

Being psychically alive can still mean being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually dead. You can physically alive in a blasé fog of apathy and listlessness. This is not what a fulfilled life looks like.

I believe that a full life requires awareness. It requires a sense of reality. It requires of a sense of “being”- we are, after all, called “human beings.”

Living looks different to every person. to the introvert truly living may mean living in the world that exists in their mind. To the extrovert truly living may mean living in the midst of a crowd. An artist will truly live when they are practicing their art, an athlete will truly live when pushing their body, a parent may live when providing love and shelter for their children, a friend may live when helping a friend- we all will live for something. That’s what life means to me.

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