Writing Challenge: July 6, 2018

Prompt: Your cat keeps darting across the room like it’s chasing something. One day you finally see it.

It’s just something cats do- randomly darting across the room and attacking air. I always thought it was their way of getting rid of excess energy. Then, I saw it.

I’ve always seen flitting shadows of would-be creatures. I rationalized these visions as being tricks of the light or my own imagination- but this time- this time I could clearly see it. There was not rationalizing this away. I could clearly see the little troll-like creature that my cat Spook chased into a corner.

At first the little creature huddle close to the wall- her green-shirted back toward me and her head bowed low, then, seeing that she was trapped, he turned to face her aggressor with a surprising bravery. She swatted at spook with her little arms, bopping my surprised cat on the nose. I rushed over to pick up the stunned feline before she could retaliate.

“I’m sorry.” I said to the little creature with my angry cat in my arms. “You can run now if you want to.”

The little troll girl looked up at me- her big brown eyes fill with surprise.

“Thank you.” She squawked and ran around the corner.

Somehow, I knew that she had always been there. I knew that all this time she had been living with me, unseen but always present. Somehow, I knew that now that I had seen her once, I’d see her again. Maybe we could become friends.


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