Writing Challenge: July 12, 2018

Prompt: What are 5 things I could do everyday to take better care of myself?

1- Exercise. I do have a fairly physical job, but most of that is walking, light lifting, and bending. That keeps me busy but doesn’t do much for me in the way of being “fit”. I need to start putting real time aside to bring up the heart rate and build strength.

2- Drink less caffeine and more water. Between work and school I am exhausted all the time. I drink more coffee than I should and I need to cut back on that and replace it with some more water.

3- Add Relaxation/Meditation Time. I am guilty of working myself until I am too mentally and physically exhausted to do anything except lay in bed and watch Netflix. I’ll be too tired to think, to read, and too tired to even relax. Instead of killing brain-cells with mindless entertainment I should try meditating or doing a creative activity to full unwind.

4- Eat at home more. I actually love to cook and am quite good at it, but when school is in session I find myself having less and less time to prepare meals with me to take to classes and work. Because I’m not eating at home or bringing food from home I end up wasting money on unhealthy food that’s easy to buy and eat between activities. It’s a terrible habit both financially and physically.

5- Set a sleep schedule. I have felt exhausted nearly every day for the last month, and I know it’s because I haven’t been getting good sleep. Part of this is from the heat. I do not have air conditioning in my apartment, so now that it’s July the temperature is between 95-100°F outside and 80°F in my bedroom. It is not easy to get to sleep and stay asleep when it’s hot. In addition to that, I have an irregular sleep schedule. I work the night shift and come home from work around 1:30am, then have to wind-down before trying to drift off. With the sun rising and shining through the window at 6am, and me not actually falling asleep until 3am my body is confused about when it’s supposed to be asleep and when I should be awake, leaving me ready to nap all the time.

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