Summer Dance

Writing Challenge: July 18, 2018

Prompt: Describe the weather around you without describing what you see. Use your sense of taste, touch, smell, and hear.

I hear ceremonial drums and bells from the Utah-Native Powwow in the university courtyard. People are laughing, chanting, and talking. There are kids laughing through the music. I breathe in the hot air- the heavy, almost liquid, heat. I can taste yesterday’s rain through the scent. I breathe deep and smell the light mustiness of dry grass and human skin. My skin feels hot to the touch, as if freshly baked in the July heat. Still, I don’t go indoors. Instead, I continue to stand on the parched lawn and watch as the dancers skip and jump in time to the drumbeats, admiring the bright colors and tinkling bells of their traditional dress under the sun.



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