You May Be Right

Writing Challenge: July 26, 2018

Prompt: What song reminds you of your most recent ex.

If he had a theme song it would be “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel.

We joked about it in high school- how perfectly the lyrics fit him. Even the line about “riding his motorcycle in the rain”. That song perfectly described our long, rocky, chaotic, wonderful relationship. He never thought before he spoke or acted. He was an impulsive smartass- an idiotic genius. I always told him he was crazy, or affectionately called him a dumbass. He told me that I was the voice in his head. The voice of reason he’d all too often ignore. In a way- we were great together. His insanity and my reason: Yin and Yang that balanced each other out, but it couldn’t last. I enjoyed the madness for a while, but I couldn’t build my life on that.

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