Sweltering Anticipation

Writing Challenge: August 1, 2018

Prompt: Write something inspired by the sentence: “It was one of those sweltering nights where anything could happen.”

Many apartments in the valley don’t have centralized air conditioning. Tenants content themselves with swamp-coolers and window units the best they can in the high days of summer and wait impatiently for the 100°F temperatures to wane again. The 9th of July was no exception.

That night was another sweltering night where anything could happen. The felt stagnant- almost unbreathable from the heat wave that refused to break. The night brought only the relief of shade and shadow- no soft winds blew the heat of the day away. Everyone, family, neighbors, and strangers alike talked about the anticipation. Anticipation for what? For an party? An invasion? A celebration? A war? Or simply a break in the heat? Tension continued to build. Anxiety flashed in the air like lightning. Everyone was waiting for something- something.

No one could have known that they were waiting for her.

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