Summer of 2018

Hey guys!

I know I’ve been offline for a bit, but for good reason! It’s been one busy summer!  Usually this is the part of the blog where far more interesting bloggers will tell you all about their crazy adventure and vacations, but I haven’t done anything too crazy this year- but, because a blog is all about being narcissistic and talking about yourself, I’m going to tell you about my summer anyway.

1- Internship.

As part of my major, I am required to complete a full 12-hour a week internship. As a full-time employee as well as a full-time student, doing an internship during Fall or Spring would have been near impossible, so I did my internship this summer instead.

I worked for Red Finch Rental and Bodhe Tea, and I had a blast! I researched and wrote about over 150 different types of tea, wrote manuals for camera equipment, and went on long hikes to take photos for the company’s Instagram and Facebook pages. I went up to Salt Lake and Mirror Lake for photo shoots, and got college credit for it! Was it a lot of work? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Hell yes.

2- Work.

Yep, I spent my summer working instead of going anywhere fun. Luckily, working on a college campus during the summer semester is pretty chill. Without 40,000 students wrecking the place, the work-load is pretty easy. Hours stay the same, but the work is much lighter.

3- Gum Graft.

Earlier this month I got my mouth cut open. Due to severe gum-recession I had to get a gum-grafting done on two teeth on the right side of my mouth. Unfortunately, because the roof of my mouth is apparently lop-sided (who knew?) the dentist had to pull tissue from the left side of my mouth- meaning that I was unable to chew for a few days as the wounds healed. I love mashed potatoes as much as the next person, but you start to miss chewing after a few meals.

4- Family visits.

My oldest brother, his wife, and their four kids came down to visit from Ohio. It was nice to see them, as they live on the other side of the country. My brother was in the state all summer to teach a class, but my sister-in-law and the kids were only here for a few short weeks. We had a little family BBQ at my grandparents before they flew back to Ohio. We will be seeing them again soon for our sister’s wedding in Connecticut though!

5- Pets.

Though it hasn’t happened yet, I will be getting a cat (hopefully) in the next week. I was approved for an emotional Support animal this summer to help cope with anxiety and dystonia (a neurological and movement disorder). I have tried several medications for the dystonia, but everything we’ve tried ended up causing more harm than good- so after some deliberation, we have decided to try animal therapy to cope with the symptoms. My landlord is understandably less than thrilled, but as emotional support animals are protected under the ADA, there is nothing he can do about it.

I am not more of a cat person than a dog person: I honestly love both equally. As far as I see it, if it has four legs and fur, I’m happy. Though a dog could eventually be trained as a service animal if needed- I am choosing to get a cat for one simple reason: I’m never home. A god simple requires more attention and care than I can offer with a full-time work and school schedule. They need to be let outside to relieve themselves and to play. they need to be walked, and trained, and pet more than I could offer with my schedule. I would end up being a neglectful owner which I couldn’t and wouldn’t do that to a dog. The average cat, however, is fine being left home alone for 16 hours a day as long as they have food, a clean litter box, toys, and a bed. They would sleep while I’m at class and work, and be awake late at night when I come home. I looked at several animal therapy studies and they agree that cats are just as beneficial to their owners in therapy as dogs. Cats love and support their owners as much as dogs (albeit in different ways) but cats are also more independent, which works better for my current situation.


So that is my summer in a nut-shell: a lot of work and a little bit of play. Though I didn’t get to fly off to any exotic locations- I did manage to enjoy my productive and busy summer. I’m excited to see what Fall has to offer.

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