Writing Challenge: August 9, 2018

Prompt: “She hated everything about him.”


She hated his attitude. It wasn’t that he was mean or disrespectful. No, he was just childish- he thought everything was a joke.

She hated his clothes. Always a t-shirt and jeans to everything. Birthdays, parties, dinner- it didn’t matter. That was his uniform.

She hated his hair. Always messy and ruffled- but not in that playful, artful way. It was just laziness. The literal “just got out of bed” look.

She hated the way he said the word “literally”. The way he chewed his food. The way he drove…

But despite all of the many things she hated about him, she didn’t hate him at all. When he proposed after 3 years together, she smiled and said yes.

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