Writing Challenge: Aug 20, 2018

Prompt: What animal would be adorable if shrunk down to the size of a cat?

For this I have only one response: Elephants. Sure, pretty much any large animal would be adorable scaled down, but elephants are already intelligent and adorable at their full, huge size. Can you image having a little elephant that could sit in your lap? Can you imagine petty those big heads, and stroking those flappy ears? Can you image having those funny, hand-like trunks reaching up to pet you back the way that big-elephants do? I would love to have a little elephant bumbling around my apartment like their full-sized counterparts stomp around savanna and jungles. I couldn’t imagine anything cuter than that.

*If someone could draw a cute, cat-size elephant curled up in the laps of their owner, I would love you forever.*

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