To Kill a God

Writing Challenge: Aug 3, 2018

Prompt: How do you kill a god?

It begins with inattention. The daily sacred rituals slowly start slipping away. Prayers, offerings, sacrifices- they drop from daily, to weekly, to monthly- falling ever faster.

Next comes irreverence. What was once sacred is now questioned. The questions then transform to mockery. Mockery becomes distrust. Once the irreverence sets in, the temples start to crack.

Then follows Disdain. Once the questions begin the hidden resentments will rise. Stepping from questions of why we worship arise questions of why we should worship gods who are silent and vengeful.

From distain comes disbelief. How can we believe in something we cannot see? How can we believe in something gods who care so little? Why would anyone believe in this at all?

Disbelief fade into indifference. Why put the time and energy into something we don’t believe. Why care about something we no longer need?

Finally, a God will die when they are forgotten. As the millions who worship fade to history- so do the gods who were once praised. As they disappear from memory, they disappear from existence- slowly, painlessly fading.

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