Fall Favorites

Writing Challenge: September 15, 2018

Prompt: What are some of the best things about fall?

  • The Food: Warm, creamy soups, and heaty, hot meats. Delicious, filling vegetables. Crisp apples, sweet pears, and tart cranberries. Delicious, fragrant spices, sweet, chewy treats, hearty and enriching holiday meats, breads, and side-dishes.
  • The colors: Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, sand, gray, gold, and hints of blue and green and black. The color scheme is warm, inviting, comforting, and cozy. As the air becomes chilly and evenings become longer, the colors reflect the firesides we all wish to sit-by as we watch the seasons change.
  • The holidays: Autumn Equinox: the season of change and light and dark. Halloween: embracing all that is magic, dark, strange, and unusual. Thanksgiving: family, food, and football. While I am not a fan of sports, I cannot deny how intertwined the game has become synonymous with the holiday.
  • The Weather: Brisk, but not cold. Gray, but not dark. Rainy, but no snow. The leaves are gold and orange on the trees- contrasting with the steel-gray clouds swirling in the sky. Rain runs down the windows and patters on the sidewalk in soothing rhythms.
  • The feeling: Autumn feels like magic- that’s the only way I can describe it. There is an air of joy, mystery, and contentment. There is a sensation in the chill that anything could happen. It’s impossible to ignore that great feeling.

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