Sounds of Autumn

Writing Challenge: September 23, 2018

Prompt Inspiration: What does Autumn sound like?


A bare branch taps at my window in the light breeze. I hear cars speeding by- wheels rolling, breaks catching, and horns honking on the boulevard below. Children laugh and talk loudly as they wait for a school bus at the stop outside. They speak excitedly about Halloween. This is a busy autumn morning.

Wind whips through the mountains and ripple through thinning branches. Dried leaves lightly scrape the ground and crunch under rubber-soled boots, and birds call overhead as they migrate south- escaping from the approaching cold. This is a peaceful autumn afternoon.

Light rain patters against the ground outside and the window pane I sit next to. A fire crackles merrily in the fireplace as a teakettle stems lightly on the stove. My kitten purrs mildly in my lap as I turn the thick pages of my book. This is a peaceful autumn evening.

Dogs bark at the moon hanging in the clear sky. I can hear the distant roars from the crowd at a local Friday night football game. A marching band plays song snippets between the excited cheers of family, friends, and teens. Crickets chirp merrily in the grass- singing their last songs of the season. This is a nostalgic autumn night.

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