The Traveling Ghost

Writing Challenge: Oct 2, 2018

Prompt Inspiration: Write about a ghost who travels the universe.

When I died I was given a choice: I could pass through the veil to the afterlife, or I could remain in this plain of existence as a ghost. I choose the latter.

The scientist in me wanted to know all the secrets of the world before I passed onward. I wanted to know the mysterious inner-workings first hand.

My airy body could permeate through any surface without resistance. It could withstand any condition without damage. I was invincible and could be make myself invisible.

I explored far and wide. I went to the North Pole to see frozen lands. I ventured deep into jungles and across deserts to places inaccessible to the living.

I went to the highest mountains to see the horizon turn. I dove deep into the darkest ocean depths, and even dug myself to the Earth’s core.

I loved to explore in life and in death. My ceaseless travels- aided by my lack of need to eat, drink, or sleep allowed me to see it all-

And I did.

Within 30 years of my death in 1965 I had seen all there was to see on Earth- And so I turned my attentions to the stars.

Since my death, man had made it to the moon. Since my death, we had sent satellites and robots to other planets- but now, it would be my turn.

I propelled myself upwards by sheer will to move. I had no need to worry about breaking through the gravitational field- as pure spirit laws of physics don’t apply.

I planned to first visit the moon- the shining beauty that marveled the sky by night.

I traveled through empty space for several days. I admired the way the Earth shone like a blue jewel in the dark expanse but lamented the amount of junk floating around our beautiful home.

I drifted onward toward our closest companion- growing excited as the silver orb grew larger in my line of sight.

Lovingly, I grazed the surface with feet that couldn’t mark the delicate soil, and stroked the unfamiliar stones with hands that couldn’t grasp.

I spent weeks diving into craters and lazing over plains. There wasn’t much to see but dust and shadow- but I loved it all the same.

When I had tramped over every surface of the light and dark- I contemplated my next adventure.

I had an eternity to go where I wished, see what I dreamt, and explore sights yet unknown. I wouldn’t waste my death on mourning for life- I would embrace death as an adventure

Exploring the universe was my heaven.


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