Scent of Moonlight

Writing Challenge: October 20, 2018

Prompt Inspiration: What does moonlight smell like?

The scent carries faintest anticipation of the morning dew yet to come mingle with the soft breezes still holding the best traces of the day before. It’s both hopeful and comforting- soothing and inspiring. Moonlight smells like magic: like lavender and sage, like mountain air, forest springs, garden earth, and hearth fire. It smells like the ancient past and the far-reaching future. It smells both familiar and unrecognizable- unreachable, unattainable, and inescapable. Moonlight smells like the soul reaching toward the stars and reflecting the sun. It smells like the ocean tides it commands, and the deep mystery of space it represents. The scent of moonlight is different to everyone who takes the time to breathe it in- but everyone who does agree: moonlight’s scent is so light it’s almost undetectable- but its smell is fresh, free, and sweet.

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