Sleeping Troubles

It’s been awhile since I checked in with you, and here’s why-

I’m having trouble sleeping.

Part of this is because I’m on the couch until my room is finished with it’s construction (mold+leaky pipe+cracked foundation = bad times), another part of it is my needy kitty demanding love and attention at 7am when I am strictly a night owl, but a big part of it is just not getting restful sleep.

I love sleep. It is literally one of my favorite things to do along with hiking, cooking, reading, writing, and exploring. Incidentally, I haven’t been doing much of any of those things in the last few weeks. It’s not unusual to loose interest in your favorite activities while you are struggling with depression, and it’s not uncommon to end up either sleeping too much or not at all. I know for many reasons including physical, mental, and emotional health that sleeping trouble isn’t good, but as I’m still on FMLA My lack of enthusiasm and energy isn’t too much of an issue yet. I can just take little cat naps with my little black cat during the day to supplement what I’ve been missing at night, However, I am supposed to go back to work next week- so you can see the potential problem.

Perhaps physically exhausting myself with work and school will help regulate my sleep again. Maybe when my room is patched back up, I can finally rest flat and feel refreshed in the morning. In any case at the moment I’m tired, achy, grumpy, and annoyed by my body’s refusal to do the one thing that shouldn’t require any effort at all.

Any suggestions on what to do in the mean time? I’m getting desperate!

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