Dream Life-Style

Writing Challenge: Nov 15, 2018

Prompt Inspiration: Describe your dream life-style.

I dream of stability and contentment rather than high-stakes, fast-paced success. Two decades of constant inconsistency has increased by appreciation of the simple life too many take for granted. I want to live in one home for more than a year. I want place roots in a community of growth and support. I want know that my bills will be paid and my needs will be met without fear to the contrary.

I dream of a home that is bright, clean, and comfortable. I don’t need luxury. I don’t need excess. I don’t need waste- just a place I can truly call my own. I dream of a home that can be a haven for myself and those I love. A bed, a kitchen, an office, and bathtube to soak my sore muscles- and I will call my life a success. A small cottage that feels like home- and enough love to fill it is perfection.

I dream of a job to fulfill my needs. I don’t mean just monetary pleasures, but a job that stimulates the mind, body, and soul. I am not so naive to believe that everyone has one specific “calling” in this world, rather, I believe that there are many things we can do to fill the internal void and give us purpose. I wish to find a career, that meets this impossible criteria of both support and personal growth.

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