Dream Lifestyle

Writing Challenge: Nov 15, 2018

Prompt Inspiration: Describe your dream life-style.

My Dream Life

I dream of a life of stability and contentment rather than high-stakes, fast-paced success. Two decades of constant inconsistency made me appreciate the simple life that too many of us take for granted. I dream that I will live in one home for more than a year. I want place roots in a community of growth and support. I dream of a content lifestyle where I know that I can pay bills and meet my needs without worry.

My Dream Home

I dream of a home that is bright, clean, and comfortable. I don’t need luxury and I don’t like excess. In my dream lifestyle, I just want a place I can truly call my own. I dream of a home that can be a haven for myself and those I love. If I have a bed, a kitchen, an office, and bathtub to soak my sore muscles I will call my life a success. A small cottage that feels like home, and enough love to fill it is perfection.

My Dream Job

I dream of a job to meets my needs. I don’t just mean with money, but a job that stimulates my mind, body, and soul. I am not so naive to believe that everyone has one specific “calling” in this world. Instead, I believe that there are many things we can do to fill the void inside and give us purpose. I wish to find a career, that meets this impossible criteria of both support and personal growth.

Final Thoughts

I know that it all sounds cheesy and corny, but I want what I want. I’ve done the busy life where every second is filled with “to-dos”. I’ve watched people with top paying jobs burn out from overwork, and fill their lives with meaningless things. I’ve seen how poverty kills joy by constant financial strain, while wealth kills the soul with soulless greed. I want to be somewhere in the middle: comfortable and content.

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