Old Job, New Job

As some of you know, I have been looking for new employment over the last few months. I am graduating and spring, and want to get a head-start on my post-college career. On Monday, I was offered a job at a company and I gladly accepted.

As many of you know, there are a lot of strange and sometimes contradictory feelings involved in changing jobs. There’s happiness and excitement for starting down a new path, learning new skills, meeting new people, and making more money. Mixed in with all of that positive energy though, there is some negatives. There is anxiety and sadness over leaving the safe and familiar, leaving friends and co-workers, and having to learn to do something different. As my final day at UVU Custodial and first day at my new job approach, I am getting all of these complex feelings, so I decided to write a few lists to help me process what I’m feeling.


What I Will Miss From My Old Job

-My team. My co-workers are the best.

-Doing homework on the clock. I can listen to audiobooks and plan essays in my down time.

-The work is easy. My job requires no brain power. I can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, music, etc. while working.

-It’s active. I get my workout in everyday by walking, lifting, scrubbing, carrying etc.

-It’s convenient. I work where I go to school. I go to class in the morning and just camp out until my shift starts.


What I Won’t Miss About My Old Job

-The work sucks. I am a custodial supervisor. I deal with toilets, trash, and chemicals all night.

-The pay. Menial labor means menial pay. The tuition waiver is amazing, but the pay is too low to support yourself on.

-The lack of respect. People treat custodians like the trash we pick up. We are people doing the job you don’t want to do. It’s necessary work and we deserve respect.

-The hours. I work from 4:15pm to 1:15am. I miss having a normal sleep schedule.

-It’s boring. If it wasn’t for my amazing co-workers and the internet, this job would be unbearable. No challenge, and no thought required. It’s just mindless labor.

-The uniform. The shirts are big, rough, hot, and ugly. I plan to get rid of them all.


What I Fear About Starting a New Job

-Making friends/getting along with co-workers.

-Learning the new job and skills I need.

-Getting bored or lazy at a desk job. I’m used to moving around without restriction, being in one place sounds awful.

-Finding out it’s not what I want to do.


What I’m Excited About Starting a New  Job

-Using my brain at work. It sounds lame, but after 3 years of mind-numbing work, this will be refreshing.

-Working in my field. I went to school for a reason. I’d like to start putting my learning to use and growing my experience.

-Better Pay. It’s got to be said, having a decent wage won’t hurt.

-Wearing nice clothes to work. I hate having to pack a uniform in my bag everyday to change into after class. Not hauling the extra bag around will be great.

-Respect. I used to be embarrassed to admit I was a custodian. I shouldn’t have been, but there is a stigma surrounding menial labor. Now, I can talk about work without that awkwardness.

-Better Hours? I have to add the question mark because the job I took is still a swing shift job. That being said, there are still a few more jobs on the line that I may take later, or I might change shifts after I graduate.


Whether or not I stay at my new job (still not going to tell you all yet) or get another offer, the next few months are about changes and transitions. There is a lot to be nervous and excited about. I’ve enjoyed my time at UVU as both a student and a member of the faculty, but it is time for me to start the next chapter in my life. I am still a proud Wolverine for the next few months as I wrap up my degree. I’ll probably be bleeding green for the rest of my life. GO UVU!


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