Recording The Questions That Cross My Mind

I carry a journal with me almost everywhere I go, and I write in it daily.  I don’t just use it to record what’s happened to me that day, or what’s on my mind; I use it to write anything and everything.

One thing I really love to write in my journals are topic ideas, questions, and observations I want to delve into. These all can range from career opportunities, social issues, philosophical debates, or just random questions that pop-up in conversation. These lists consist of anything that strikes my interests. In the spirit of open communication and learning, I’m going to all my research/learning topics and question from my last completed journal.

Topics/Questions/Musing/Ideas From a Scattered Mind:

  • Native American Women and domestic violence- how white, American men escape consequences through legal loop holes in tribal vs. federal law
  • Programs that help small businesses and minority populations market themselves and their industries
  • Does meaning shape language, or does language shape meaning? If we speak, think, read, and write in language- how can we really know?
  • How does culture effect language, and how does language effect culture? How do our personal experiences influence the way we speak (linguistics and code-switching)
  • Truth is like the horizon, or a rainbow. It’s something we want to believe is reachable, but we can never touch it. (Nietzsche and Stephan Crane influences)
  • The universe is just a concept we’ve constructed. It’s an illusion.
  • The knowledge that concepts/ideas/ language are illusionary DOESN’T mean that all illusions are equal. Meaning is relative, but it still has material consequences.
  • What does it mean to be “literate”? What does it mean to be “educated”?
  • Do we “own” privacy? Do we have a write to it? How does it tie into the concept of the “individual” in Western culture?
  • College as a gatekeeper versus college as an equalizer: the two sides of the debate of the purpose of higher education.
  • What is time? Why do we all agree to divide our lives into these set frames?
  • What is “truth” in photography? How does editing play a role? Why is photography held to a higher standard of realism than painting/writing/film etc.? The differences between photos are art and photos as journalism.
  • Is art supposed to have a solid meaning, or is it’s greatest power in being undefinable?


I notice these are all pretty linguistics heavy, but to be fair, I am finishing up a degree in English- so I’ve been taking a lot of language and linguistic classes. When these questions come up in class, they go down in the journal . That’s all I have right now- but I’m sure there will be more.

What do you all wonder about? Do you write them down, or just let them go?

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