Big News! Big Move

Where have I been for the last few weeks?

I’ve been packing up, moving boxes, and unpacking.


I wasn’t planning to move until the summer, when I’d have more time and money to get settled, but when this apartment came up on my local listings I couldn’t resist.

I applied with no real expectations I would get the place. 2-bedrooms, a laundry room with washer-dryer, a beautiful living space, a sun-room, patio, and pet-friendly? All of this, in my budget, and less than a mile from my school and work? It was too good to be true. I was up against 40 other hopefuls, who (no doubt) were also stunned by the amazing price. I’m still not sure how I got so lucky, but I am now in my second week of living in my new space, and I love it.

The move itself was stressful. I had to squeeze all the packing, furniture shopping, moving, cleaning, and unpacking in the few hours I had before work. I was lucky that it was Spring Break, so I didn’t have classes or much homework. As you know can guess from my lack of posting, I didn’t have time for anything but the move.

So, what now?

Now, I’m settling into my new life in Orem. I’m enjoying living completely on my own for the first time in my life (excepting my cat Aspasia of course).

I love that I can invite anyone over any time I want.

I love that I can cook, and eat whatever and whenever I want.

I love that I can set things up, take them down, and move things around on a whim.

I love the feeling of independence I feel, knowing I can come and go as I please.


Yes, living along can be lonely.

I have no one to talk to at 2am when I just can’t sleep.

Yes, it can be scary. If I forget to turn off the stove, or lock the door the consequences are all on me.

Yes, it can be hard. I had to build my bed-frame myself, and bribe a friend with a home-cooked meal to help me put the couch together (it came in a box).

Yes, there are drawbacks to any living situation, but the stability, security, and freedom of having a lease in my name is the best thing I could have hoped for.




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