Curating My Writing: Blog Pruning, Updates, and Maintenance.

I can hardly be called “consistent” when it comes to this blog.

I am guilty of procrastination, infrequent posting, and irregular posting patterns. In addition to these crimes, I have allowed the interface to become sloppy, the organization a joke, and the the overall quality of my blog to become sub-par. I am ashamed of my laziness. Some of these deficiencies are simply a result of time and change

Some of you may remember when this blog was called “Forget-me-not“. When I started this blog in 2017 I was using it as a way to track my attempts at writing daily. Not only did I fail in this, but in my efforts I flooded the internet with terrible poetry, half-assed prose, and awkward prompt responses. I deeply apologize to all the people who were subjected to these posts. When I made the transition from writing challenges to writing about topics I deeply cared about, I changed the name of the blog to it’s current name Bringing.Mae.Flowers. I cannot claim that the quality of my posts have improved, but the time, thought, effort, and passion behind each post has. I want my current blog to reflect the care I have been putting into it.

What is my plan?

Pruning: I have begun going through all of my posts and deleting the embarrassing writing challenge responses. With over 300 posts made over the last few years this is a time consuming task. Some of these posts are worth saving  and will be revised and edited as appropriate. I can only go through a few posts a day, so this job will take me months, but I feel it is an important step.

Maintenance: What I am calling “maintenance” most people will call “organization”. I am re-categorizing and re-arranging my posts to be more “user-friendly” categories and tabs. In addition to the new filing system, I am working on posting once in this blog once a week to keep a more consistent presence. I don’t feel I am at a point to set an official schedule, but “once a week” as my goal feels like a good fit for my current life-style.

Updates: Let’s be honest, my blog was/is in need of a face-lift. I have already changed the blog structure for a cleaner and more user-friendly layout, but more needs to be done. From adding featured images, banners, font changes, and navigation I will be testing out new styles to make this blog better for you.

I am not setting a date for any of these tasks to be completed because true maintenance never ends. There is not such thing as perfection, and there is always room for improvement. I don’t want to overwhelm myself by assigning a due date, and I don’t want to shame myself for not reaching an arbitrary deadline. Instead my goal is slow but steady improvement in my blog and in my writing. If this website is a blog was a novel, this is the first draft. It’s messy and awkward but has great potential.  I want to help get this little labor of love ready for publication, even if it’s only for myself.



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