Autumn Returns: new season, new changes

The weather is cooling down and my sweaters have been taking out of their storage trunk and returned to my closet. Fall is officially here.Every season has their own perks, but fall has always been my favorite. Something about the brisk weather, the changing leaves, and the approaching Holidays brings me the peace and joy usually associated with Christmas. Autumn is the season that fills full of magic and possibility, so with the change and season I am bringing reviewing some ongoing changes to my life.Big Change no. 1: Nights to DaysFor anyone who has been following my blog, you know that I work late nights. My average schedule is from 4 pm to 1 am. As a natural night owl I never found a problem with staying up this late, but there is a big difference between relaxing at home until 1 am and working until 1 am. After about 4 years of late night schedules, my circadian rhythm is effectively thrown off, and my health has been suffering. As a young woman with hypothyroidism, I am more sensitive to irregular sleeping and eating patterns. My doctor has recommended that I make the switch from nights to day, and I have finally talked to HR at work. I will be interviewing for a new day-team position at works sometime this month, and (hopefully) making the switch. It sucks to leave my swing-shift team, but as my doctor says: “your health should be the biggest part of your life”. Smart Man.Change no .2: Amateur to knowledge amateurI am not paid for my writing and frankly don’t deserve to be. I am too undisciplined to set aside designated writing time, too lazy to edit previous work, and too nervous to submit my work to publishers. That being said, my alma marter invited me to come back to visit and share my writing in a “Writer’s showcase” event. Maybe I was invited because I was teacher’s pet. Maybe it is because I live about a block away from the university. Maybe it is because they invited a bunch of other people who turned it down, and I was a last resort… the point is, I was asked and I am extremely flattered. In fact, you are all invited to attend!
Date: October 15, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Utah Valley University, Fulton Library room 120Come on down to see me and the actual, talented writers who will also be sharing their work. I was told there will be food.This honor has really inspired me to continue working on my writing. Knowing that one of my former professors nominated me for this honor, and the other professors of the English department agreed has given me a huge confidence boost. It makes me think that maybe I could actually do this “for real”.Change no.3: Busy Business OwnerThis one is still strange for me to comprehend, but I am now technically a business owner. I am technically a part-owner of a business due to some technicalities and financial reasons, but I am still listed on the LLC. A friend of mine from high school makes Gothic-themed soaps and bath products and wanted to start selling online. In order to help her out with the website, without her having to pay me a salary for my time, we struck a deal for part ownership of the business so I can share in future profits.The official website is in the making, but an etsy shop is almost ready to roll. Look for us on Facebook under BooDeadily. Right now things are only semi-official, but we have some great things in the works.Why Now? Why Autumn?For me, Autumn is a time for me to think, grow, reflect, and explore. It’s a time to appreciate life and all the changes that come along with it. I am my happiest, hardest working, most optimistic self. This is the time that I feel that changes can really grow into something more. Basically, I believe that autumn taps into the magic of positive thinking. Autumn is when I feel like I can do anything.

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