Another Year Gone By: How my life has changed from birthday to birthday

For those of you who don’t know, Monday was my birthday. I am now 26 years old. Still young, still active, and still working hard to live and learn.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know that last year I was going through a turning point in my life, that happened to coincide with the passing of a comet. On my 25th birthday I made myself a promise sealed with the Christmas Comet that was visible that night (December 16th).  The promise was that I was going to cut out unnecessary toxicity from my life and start a fresh chapter. Here we are a year later, and I feel like I can honestly say that I kept my promise to myself. Let’s review.

December 16th, 2018: Where was I?

On my 25th Birthday I was living at my Grandparents after I was sexually assaulted by my roommate and long-time friend. I was sleeping on the couch because my bedroom had flooded due to a crack in the house’s foundation, and I was in serious therapy to deal with cPTSD and non-epileptic seizures caused by repressed childhood trauma. I was a full-time student at UVU and a full time janitor, commuting 25 minutes both ways. I left the house at 9:00am and got home at 1:45am. I was tired physically, mentally, and emotionally and was more than ready to move forward with my life.

I have said it 100 times and will say it 100 more times, I have amazing friends and family. It was in a huge part thanks to them that I felt like I really could make the changes I needed to in my life. Two of my best friends took me out to Sundance Ski Resort on my birthday last year so we could see the comet from the canyon. It was there in the freezing night air that I told myself that my life would be completely different in a year– and it is.

The year of 2019: How far I’ve come.

January: I love Utah Valley University. I am a very proud Wolverine, but I can’t say that I was overly stimulated by my job as a custodian. As my final semester as a student was beginning, I decided it was time to look for work elsewhere. I started applying for jobs in writing and marketing.

February: I received few job offers (mostly sale or receptionists) but ultimately choose a job in SEO. I started at Boostability on February 20 and I love it. I know I made the right choice.

March: Now that I had a new (and better paying) job, it was time to find a new apartment. I got extremely lucky and found the perfect apartment on the first try. I applied and got the apartment the next day. I moved in right away, and have loved the place ever since.

April: Nothing really happened this month- just school and work, then finals. I did hike Squaw Peak (sorry for the slur, but I didn’t name the mountain) again. I almost fell off the peak at one point and got a pretty serious bruise on my hip. It was worth it for the view!

May: I graduated! After 6 long years, and 3 changes in Major I completed my Bachelor’s Degree! I graduated Magnum Cum Lade with a BS in English (Writing Studies emphasis) and a minor in History. I did not attend my graduation, but went to my sister’s ceremony instead. We graduated from the same university on the same day. It was a big celebration for our family.

June: Again, it was a quiet month. My Mom, Stepdad, and little brothers did come and visit us from Colorado though. I let my 16 year old brother drive my car, and we had a pleasant time. It’s hard to believe they are both teenagers now.

July: There weren’t any life-changing events this month. I did some running, and some hiking, but that was it.

August: More running, more hiking. I technically became a business owner with my friend Bailey. Honestly, I’m really just a partner on paper with a 30% stake in the business. She’s the real owner in all sense of the word. I just provide some work space and marketing support.

September: I went to Bear’s Ears for a little weekend vacation. It was a beautiful and rich place full of natural wonders, and history. I got a chance to re-set my clock and to escape from the “hustle-culture” of life.

October: I was invited to share my work  at UVU’s “writer’s showcase”. I was honored by the opportunity and flattered to be selected as an “exemplary writer”.  It was an interesting experience.

November: I went from night shift to day shift at work through a minor promotion. As the late hours of the Swing shift was starting to wear on my health I talked to my boss and HR about making a change. After some interviews and inter-departmental emails, I was officially transferred from Account Management to Account Audits. The change has been fantastic, and I’ve been enjoying my new position.

December: The year is wrapping up, and the nights are shorter than ever. This month has mostly been about planning for the holidays, with little “life-changes” happening. Now that my life has settled and I feel more healthy and stable than I have in years, I have decided to start dating again. I haven’t dived back into the waters yet, but I’ve dipped my feet back in.

This was my 25th year in a nut-shell. Seeing how much has happened in the last year is almost overwhelming! I’m not a superstitious person who believes that the comet brought me good luck or change, but I do believe that you can trick your brain into believing in luck and fate if you need a boost. I believe wishing on that comet did give me the cosmic boost I needed to believe in myself. Thank you all who have been reading along with me, and I hope you continue to follow me as we move into another year.




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