The Ivory Tower is Crumbling, and We Should Let it Fall.

The flood gates have finally opened, and there’s no going back.

For decades the privileged elites have willfully ignored the growing cracks in the walls that held-up their ivory tower. Overlapping privileges such as race, education, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexuality and many more, were stacked on one another to build a society that could never be stable. How could anyone be surprised that one big storm finally crumbled the gates and threatens to sweep the structure away?

The fact is, our society is NOT built on a stable foundation.

The United States has been uneven from the start. We founded a nation on stolen land, with an elitist system (only rich, property-owning white men could vote initially) that excluded women, and relied on slavery to fund half the country. To pretend that the statement “All Men are Created Equal” wasn’t ironic from the start is disingenuous and harmful. The harsh truth is that inequality is as American as the Stars and Stripes on our flag. We cannot change that fact unless we are willing to acknowledge it’s truth.

Our people are worth more than this.

We like to white-wash and hide ugly truths because they are uncomfortable. Change requires sacrifice and work, which almost no one wants to do. If we want to actually have the fair, equal, and stable society we pretend to have, then we have to put in the effort. The first step is to confront the fact we aren’t what we pretend to be. You can’t fix what’s broken if you are too busy pretending that it’s whole. It’s not treacherous or unpatriotic to acknowledge we could do better. In fact, I would argue that it show’s great love and faith for your country to say “We CAN do this; We the people are worth fighting for!”

Change is hard.

I am not going to pretend that it’s going to be easy. We have to dismantle hundreds of interconnecting systems in order to understand what’s broken so we can build something better. This means re-evaluating, re-examining, and re-forming things we already thought we understood. Just like with building, we have to fully understand how and why things were built the way they were, and decide is the structure and designs still makes sense. We may even have to acknowledge that the whole building needs to be condemned and we need to return to the drawing board to edit the blueprints. Still, isn’t it better to start on the rebuild sooner rather than later? Wouldn’t you prefer to start a remodel or rebuild before your house collapses?

We can’t pretend our structure is sound.

The ivory tower is falling. It was built on a shaky foundation that couldn’t last. The waters are rising and ready to wash it all away. Our leaders have been like negligent landlords, unwilling to maintain the property as time marched on. Instead of making necessary changes and updates to fit the needs of their tenants, the American People, they collected their dues and let it crumble. It’s time we demand what we deserve; a nation worth living-in, fighting for, and loving entirely.  It’s time we hold our leader’s responsible and force them to make the changes we desperately need to make this possible. Stop ignoring the uneven foundation, unequal table settings, lead and oil laced water supply, and glass ceilings. We all deserve better, and we can have it. It’s time to wash away the ivory tower to build something solid and stable in it’s place.






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