Prompted: re-starting with writing prompts

When I first started this blog in 2017 I was giving myself writing challenges.

I created a detailed Google Document that assigned me a writing prompt every day of the year. I carefully selected each prompt, just to make sure they were prompts I knew I was capable of completing. Then, to hold myself accountable, I posted the best ones on this blog.

I did these prompts for 2 years.

I enjoyed the prompts, but between a full time job, full time school, and trying to get started in a career, I had a hard time staying on track. Eventually, I just gave up and told myself that “one day I’ll go back to writing”. Like most people, the mythical “One Day” didn’t come on it’s own. Now, here I am in 2021, ready to start writing again. Only, I wasn’t sure how to get back on track.

Work brought me back to prompts.

I recently became co-chair of a writing group at my job. Since we all work from home, the writing group is entirely online in a Slack Chat Channel and emails. As co-chair, coming up with monthly themes and challenges is part of my responsibility. By trying to encourage the members of the groups to write, I found that I was more inspired to write more too. A big part of that inspiration has come through prompts.

How am I using prompts now?

In addition to weekly prompts to post in our writing group for work, I am trying to use prompts personally 3 times a week. However, this time around I am not being as strict with myself. I haven’t created a detailed document that assigned a specific prompt on specific days. I’m not following them word-for-word, like a school assignment either. Instead, I have a list of prompts saved on my Pintrist. When its time to write, I choose a prompt that strikes me that day, and I write.

Will anything come from this?

I will clean up and post some of my best pieces for you all to read, but I doubt I will create anything worthy of publishing from this. Instead, I’m using the prompts like exercises to keep my writing pliable. For now, that’s what I feel like I need to keep in practice.

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