A Basic Bitch’s Favorite Wines

I am not a wine expert.

I don’t know anything about grapes, vintages, or the fermenting processes. There will be no high-end wines from famous vineyards, and there will be no technical terminology in this list. I simply enjoy a cheap and delicious bottle of wine from time to time, and am tired of pretentious wine-snobs taking all the fun out of enjoying something so simple.

What I care about is how a wine tastes, not how expensive or impressive the bottle is. The most expensive bottle on my list is about $15 in the Utah State Liquor store (if you aren’t familiar with Utah Liquor Laws, look them up; they are truly bizarre). Keep in mind, I am no expert and this is all just for fun. Without further ado, here’s my wine list.

  1. Rhiannon Red Blend: this is s fruity, full-bodied red. It’s a nice table blend, perfect for sipping with dinner, or on it’s own. It’s on the sweet side, and tastes incredible with blackberries.

2. Velvet Devil Merlot: I am a basic bitch who enjoys a simple Merlot. This win is definitely that. It’s a nice, clean Merlot, perfect for sipping at the end the day.

3. Chatel Michelle Gewurztraminer: I had never heard of Gewuztraminer before I decided to try this wine on a whim, and I am so glad I did. This full bodied white wine pairs amazingly with savory and spicy foods. This white isn’t too sweet or dry- but sites somewhere in the middle with a lovely round flavor.

4. Wolftrap Syrah: Another wine bought on a whim, this South African wine is delicious and peppery. Being a lover of most spices, I loved the novelty of this spicy wine. In my experience in sharing this wine with friends, you will either love or hate this unique wine. There are few fence-sitters in this debate.

5. Zion Curtain Raspberry Wine: I couldn’t possibly leave this local Utah Wine off the list. Fruity, sweet, light, and perfect for summer, this wine has the added bonus of a cheeky name that pokes fun at Utah’s anti-alcohol culture.

So there is is. A quick, fun little post about wines you will almost always find in my pantry. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these wines!

One thought on “A Basic Bitch’s Favorite Wines

  1. A basic bitch’s favorite anything is always worth checking out. Thanks for the list. Haven’t heard of any of it. Guess that makes me a less basic man-bitch.

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