November Writing Challenge: 1 week update

7 days of writing, complete!

That’s write (pun/typo intended), I worked on my writing every day this week, even while on vacation. I’ll admit, I had my fears that travel would get in the way, but I was clearly wrong.

I’ll admit, I cheated a bit.

I gave myself a pass for just jotting down a quick poem or a few sentences in a story. I figured a few words is better than nothing at all, so I let myself off easy. Remembering to write at all when I’m visiting family is hard enough, so I’ll give myself credit. After all, a lite encouragement (even if it’s from myself) goes a long way.

What’s next?

Hopefully another 3 weeks if writing! I fly home tomorrow and have to get back to the grind. However, my trip gave me a little pause to refill my writing well. If I keep at it, I think I’ll have some new pieces to share with you soon!

How’s your November going?

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