It Didn’t Start With You

Writing Challenge: September 11, 2018 Prompt: write something inspired by the sentence: "It didn't start with you."   It didn’t start with you. I loved you like an obsession. I believed that my devotion, my determination would pull us through. No matter how you hurt me, betrayed me, abused me- I forgave, I forgot, I … Continue reading It Didn’t Start With You


Writing Challenge: Oct 17, 2017 Prompt: write something inspired by birthdays It was my 10th birthday- December 16, 2003. The crowded school bus stopped at the end of our street, where a group of us would exit to finish the walk down the street. There was a moment before the doors squealed open. Mid-way down … Continue reading Birthday


Writing Challenge: Sept 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about a time you saw hope in what seemed to be a hopeless situation.   In the worst of times I thought we would never escape him. Twice before my mother had filed for divorce, and twice it never went through. I had begun to think we would … Continue reading Escape