Taste of Autumn

Writing Challenge: September 17, 2018 Prompt: What does Autumn taste like? Autumn has all the best foods. The flavors, the taste: warm, hearty, sweet, and spicy. The season tastes like cinnamon, nutmeg and toasted brown sugar. It tastes like roasted garlic, salt, pepper, and hot vegetables. It tastes like fresh-baked yeast, hot, steaming starch, and … Continue reading Taste of Autumn

Food for Thought: daily meals of the rushed college student

Writing Challenge: February 19, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by what you ate today It’s a rushed morning- an oatmeal breakfast-bar morning. My coffee machine, prepped the night before, brews while I brush my teeth. My pre-packed lunch and dinner sit in the fridge, ready to be grabbed and shoved into a bag. For lunch, … Continue reading Food for Thought: daily meals of the rushed college student


Writing Challenge: Nov 30, 2017 Prompt: Write about trying to convince someone of something “You know you want it.” “No- No, I shouldn’t.” “Yes, you really should. You’ve earned it.” “You’re just saying that so I’ll cave.” “Partly, but really- you’ve been working so hard. You deserve a treat.” “No. I’ve promised myself I wouldn’t.” … Continue reading Tempting

The Casserole Dish

Writing Challenge: Nov 27, 2017 Prompt: Write something inspired by a recipe *Recipe included at the bottom* My schedule is busy, so busy in-fact that on Sundays I cook all the meals I will be eating for the following week. That week, I was making a delicious spaghetti squash. I had picked up a beautiful … Continue reading The Casserole Dish


writing challenge: Nov 1, 2017 Prompt: Write an ode to a fruit Heavy and round with vibrant, cheerful color in the midst of a bleak winter- a strange fruit whose seeds are eaten rather than the flesh. Steeped in myth of the underworld and the seasons. The tempting, succulence, of the sweet, round fruit stains … Continue reading Pomegranate