Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

Writing Challenge: Sept 2, 2018 Prompt: What is your greatest fear?   I fear loneliness- but I fear dependency more. Each fear feeds the other.   I fear becoming too attached on someone who will leave. I fear relying on those who will find me a burden. I even fear that my fear causes me … Continue reading Greatest Fear and Fatal Flaw

Mountain Road

Writing Challenge: May 2, 2018 Prompt: Write about a time you were frightened. I’m scared of driving in unfamiliar places. I anxiously clutch the steering wheel in fear that I will someone else will swerve into me, or that I will lose control. Usually, I have less fear when I am alone on a road, … Continue reading Mountain Road


writing challenge: Jan 4, 2018 Prompt: Write a poem or a story that answers the question "why do you fear the stars?" I never understood the fascination others had with the night sky. So dark and empty but for the small lights- They mockingly twinkle, offering no visibility. I look up at the darkness with … Continue reading Stars

If I Don’t Come Home In Time

I pull into the drive after a long day at work. I am tired and hungry. It is dark and silent. I turn the key in the ignition. I shut off the lights- But I don’t leave the car.   I place both hands on the top of the wheel And rest my head upon … Continue reading If I Don’t Come Home In Time