January Re-cap: My Goals for 2019

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile. Days flew by so quickly that I haven't even realized how long I was going between posts. Between job applications and a stubborn illness (thanks for sharing your germs, Sis) I've been in a fog of work and illness recovery. Still, I can't say that January was a bad … Continue reading January Re-cap: My Goals for 2019

Steps Toward My Dreams

Writing Challenge: July 10, 2018 Prompt: What are some small steps you've taken toward your dreams? Step 1: I am in school. This is such a small but obvious step. I have been in college for 6 years and have been attending full-time for the entirety of those years. I have changed my mind a … Continue reading Steps Toward My Dreams


writing Challenge: January 30, 2018 Prompt: What are some of your life-goals?   Short Term: Pay off my car Graduate from UVU Start an actual career (not that I hate my job, it’s pretty great).   Long Term: Move up to the next tax bracket Have my own office Own my own property Finish my … Continue reading Goals

Book List 2017

Every year I record every book that I read cover-to-cover on a chart. My goal is to read at least 50 books every year. I will only record the books I read in their entirity- that means books I skimmed for skipped chapters do not count. I will only record books that have 90 or … Continue reading Book List 2017