Writing Challenge: Aug 20, 2018 Prompt: What animal would be adorable if shrunk down to the size of a cat? For this I have only one response: Elephants. Sure, pretty much any large animal would be adorable scaled down, but elephants are already intelligent and adorable at their full, huge size. Can you image having … Continue reading Adorable


Writing Challenge: Jan 14, 2018 Prompt: You're a kid's imaginary friend. As they grow up, you are fading away.   One day I flickered. I was a light that had been left on for too long. My whole being stuttered for a moment, but then I was fine, as if nothing happened. Days later, I … Continue reading Imaginary

The Box

Writing Challenge: Sept 15, 2017 Prompt: Imagine finding a box. What is inside? Outside, in the center of the grove of trees that grow in the backyard, I see a box. It is a pale wood, perfectly symmetrical, and entirely unremarkable- except for the simple fact that ┬áno one knows where it came from. I … Continue reading The Box