Writing Challenge: July 28, 2018 Prompt: What do you love the sound of?   Rain falling, and hitting the roof, the ground, and the windows. Wind blowing through trees, grass, and windchimes. Fire crackling and flickering in open air or a grated fireplace. Glass tinkling when filled with ice, and ringing when hit in cheer. … Continue reading Sounds

Actions I Admire

Writing Challenge: June 29, 2018 Prompt: What are some actions you admire?   I admire actions that seem small but say a lot: I admire the simplicity of stopping to pick up a piece of litter from the ground. I admire the kindness of saying “thank you” when a barista hands you your coffee. I … Continue reading Actions I Admire

Role Model

Writing Challenge: May 13, 2018 Prompt: Are you a role model for anyone?   When she told me I was her role model I was taken aback. Me? A role model? How? Why? We had been friends since high school, for 8 years now. I am not older, I’m not any more accomplished, I’m not … Continue reading Role Model