Book List 2018

Another year come and gone, so it's time to tally up my book list for the year. Rules: The book must be at least 100 pages (with very few exceptions) to be added to the list. I have to have finished the last page of the book after 12/31/2018. I may have begun the book … Continue reading Book List 2018

Summer Reading

Writing Prompt: July, 20, 2018 Prompt: What book are you currently reading? I’m reading two books at the moment: #GirlBoss: A book of the kickass, female entrepreneur who founded Nasty Gal. It’s a fun book with interesting stories and snapshots of other strong women in the business world. Some of the advice is great, and … Continue reading Summer Reading

5 Books Every Kid Should Read

Writing Challenge: April 24, 2018 Prompt: What are 5 books every kid should read?   1- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee There is a reason that this book used to be taught in every American School. This book directly addresses issues of prejudice and racism in beautiful, yet heartbreaking ways. Written from the … Continue reading 5 Books Every Kid Should Read

Hufflepuff Pride

writing challenge: Dec 12, 2017 Prompt: Imagine living in a home underground. Write about that. The Hufflepuff Common room is underground and near the kitchens. The doors and windows are round, and the whole place is filled with a variety of plants, and decorated in Earth tones- in short- it’s a hobbit hole, which, according … Continue reading Hufflepuff Pride

Book List 2017

Every year I record every book that I read cover-to-cover on a chart. My goal is to read at least 50 books every year. I will only record the books I read in their entirity- that means books I skimmed for skipped chapters do not count. I will only record books that have 90 or … Continue reading Book List 2017

Learning to Read

Writing Challenge: Nov 7, 2017 Prompt: Write about doing something effortlessly I don’t remember struggling when I was learning how to read. In fact, I don’t remember learning at all. It’s as if it’s something I’ve always known how to do- something I absorbed through osmosis. I don’t remember having to employ any reading strategies … Continue reading Learning to Read

Rainbow’s End

Writing Challenge: July 8, 2017 Prompt: Write about what is at the end of a rainbow *Accompanying picture soon to follow, sorry for the crappy quality, but it was taken from my phone*   There is another world at the rainbow’s end- A world pull of limitless possibility. There are many ways to reach this … Continue reading Rainbow’s End