Writing Challenge: April 12, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by the word "Lacuna", meaning "an unfilled space or interval. A gap." The space in-between: empty except for the air. Empty between the air molecules. Filled with nothing but void. The space in-between- in-between everything. Between you and your neighbor, the tables in a corner café, … Continue reading Lacuna

Space Colonization

Writing challenge: Jan 8, 2018 Prompt: Write about the Pros and Cons of colonizing another planet   We joke about “not wanting to live on this planet anymore.” We joke about restarting civilization somewhere else- We point out how the world is falling apart- how this planet is over-crowed- used up- failing. We joke about … Continue reading Space Colonization

Under the Sea

Writing Challenge: Aug 22, 2017 Prompt: Write about ocean creatures We know less about the ocean on this planet than we do about the space around this planet. The parallel between space and the seas are paramount: both are unimaginably vast, but fathomlessly empty. One could travel for hours, or even days and see nothing. … Continue reading Under the Sea