Summer Solstice

Writing Challenge Revamp: June 21, 2018 Prompt: It's summer solstice- write about it Today is the longest day of the year. The first official day of summer. Sunrise to sunset, today is traditionally celebrated for it’s brightness and magic. All around the world ancient people revered this day. Pyramids and standing stones, art and rituals … Continue reading Summer Solstice

Rock Canyon at Sunset

*Photo taken by me: October 8, 2017* The Rocky Mountains are young, rough and wild. The way the stone jut out of the ground, violently and forcefully, takes the breath away. At sunset in Utah Valley, the last rays of the westward sun lights up the rocky surface, painting the uneven facades bright gold. This, … Continue reading Rock Canyon at Sunset

Lilac and Orange

I had never seen a sunset like it before; Lilac- the sky Orange- the clouds. Soft purple rimmed with blush pink- So soft and romantic, like the flowers of a bride’s bouquet. Glowing orange and lined with fiery gold Like a fire set among a meadow of flowers Burning but never harming the delicate petals. … Continue reading Lilac and Orange

The Ferry Slip

We missed the ferry. We watched as it sailed away from the slip. The next wouldn’t come for another hour, but it was a beautiful evening in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature was just right: a cool 65. The sun was setting over the bay reflecting orange and gold in the water as the tide … Continue reading The Ferry Slip