*A very rough-draft of a poem* Mountains: The mountains felt like walls when I arrived in Utah ten years ago. Closing me into the small valley the stony faces confined me to a foreign land. The gray fortresses, so different from the green fields I knew, were my isolated tower. Here, hidden in the valley … Continue reading Mountains

Silent Movie Morning

I walked outside and everything was grey scale. Devoid of color, devoid of time the world was neither dark nor bright, but somewhere in-between. Silver sky reflected in white snow- contrasted by the charcoal shadows and black-tar roads. There was no color. There was no sound. No children laughing, talking, shouting- They are all at … Continue reading Silent Movie Morning

Brown Christmas: A Poem about Growing-Up Southern

Brown Christmas: A Poem About Growing-up Southern   It never snowed on Christmas in Houston. Growing up, the December was nippy- and browning grass was crisp with frost. Our breath rose in puffs before our faces- but snow never fell on Christmas day.   I didn't mind that Christmas's weren't snowy. We had everything we … Continue reading Brown Christmas: A Poem about Growing-Up Southern

Writer’s Mania

I am convinced that all writers are unstable. The manic energy that possesses us- that thing we call "inspiration"- the frantic need to create- the voices that fill our minds with the words that flow from our mouths, our hands- those muses, those demons, those divine gods or angels- it is a possession. It's a … Continue reading Writer’s Mania

The Traveling Ghost

Writing Challenge: Oct 2, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: Write about a ghost who travels the universe. When I died I was given a choice: I could pass through the veil to the afterlife, or I could remain in this plain of existence as a ghost. I choose the latter. The scientist in me wanted to know … Continue reading The Traveling Ghost


When the wind picks up and the temperature drops down- When harvest is gathered and leaves turn and fall- When the daylight fades and the darkness waxes strong- That’s when the ghosts plague us all.   We are all haunted by our own ghostly ghouls: Haunted by the apparitions of our troubled souls. Haunted by … Continue reading Ghosts

I Cried Tonight

  I cried tonight The first time since we broke us The first tears since the last time That we failed to break the curse that keeps us apart.   I cried tonight. The first time since I gave up. The first ache since I allowed numbness To replace sharp despair over how close we … Continue reading I Cried Tonight

One Last, One Last Time

*Rough Draft*   One last, one last time. You asked me for one last, one last time. Against my better judgement I gave it to you.   One last, one last time. I fell for you one last, one last time. I knew it would end- But I loved you.   One last, one last … Continue reading One Last, One Last Time

To Mother’s House We Go

It’s a long drive to mom’s. 10 hours over mountains and through valleys Over rivers and through woods. Hundreds of miles in December But, to mother’s house we went to Christmas. It’s been an unusually dry winter- Bad for our fire-hazardous, desert of a state- But good for travel. The first few hundred miles passed … Continue reading To Mother’s House We Go

Home For Christmas

He’ll be home for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since the green summer at the bay. The blue seawater off the coast- And the setting sun on the Ferry Slip- a memory to last through the lonely autumn. But, he’ll be home for Christmas- To warm me again as the days grow short and cold. … Continue reading Home For Christmas