Missing Reflection

Writing Challenge: October 19, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: One day you don't see your reflection in the mirror. She didn’t disappear all at once. It started slowly. First, she bean to dissociate with her reflection. When the steam cleared after her shower, she stared at the face looking back at her and wondered who that person … Continue reading Missing Reflection

The New Key

Writing Challenge: September 25, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: One day you notice a new key on your key chain   There are many keys on my key chain. Keys to my car, my apartment, and my mailbox. My sister’s spare key, my grandparents’, and the storage unit. There are keys I never use, and one or … Continue reading The New Key


I distinctly remember emus. I remember their big black eyes and long legs. I remember their bad tempers, loud voices, and how they would charge and break at us through the fence. I remember the emus, but no one in the family ever talked about them. That’s not something you don’t talk about. I mean, … Continue reading Emu-sing


I don’t remember the pain of the sting. I was two years old, having a tea-party with my sister on the floor. I think I remember my dad stomping on the offender and my brother examining the flattened corpse in the dust-pan. I know I remember the industrial over-heat lights of the clinic and my … Continue reading Sting

Family Tradition

"BOOOOORN TO BE WIIIILD...!" Three young voices shouted the lyrics as loud and unflatteringly as possible rattling the rolled down windows as the old truck flew down the desert highway. The nineteen year old driver plunged forward into the canyon's nearly deserted road, drifting around a sharp corner spraying dust and gravel over the road's … Continue reading Family Tradition

The Young Man

“Mom, who are you talking to?” My mother stood by the stairs, chatting away to empty air. It was late- really late. The hall was dark. “The young man, don’t you see him?” She looked at me as if it were obvious and I was being rude to her invisible friend. I backed away, my … Continue reading The Young Man

Wolves’ Song

He lay curled under an ancient pine when she first saw him. Taken in by his silver fur and powerful form she ached to move closer, to become a part of him. Enveloping him in her arms, he felt nothing but the caresses of a strong breeze. Waking from his slumber in a panic from … Continue reading Wolves’ Song