Brown Christmas: A Poem about Growing-Up Southern

Brown Christmas: A Poem About Growing-up Southern   It never snowed on Christmas in Houston. Growing up, the December was nippy- and browning grass was crisp with frost. Our breath rose in puffs before our faces- but snow never fell on Christmas day.   I didn't mind that Christmas's weren't snowy. We had everything we … Continue reading Brown Christmas: A Poem about Growing-Up Southern

Finals Week

*to the tune of Jingle-Bells*   Headed out to school I'm already real late. Then I take a look outside- it's snowing- that's just great. My car's covered in ice. The road hasn't be plowed. I'm tired, I'm stressed, it's finals week- and I should be in class now.   Oh, Finals week, finals week- … Continue reading Finals Week

Holiday Surprise

Writing Challenge: Dec 26, 2017 Prompt: Review your day, week, or month in a poem Day Chosen- Dec 16 He tells me he won’t make it. I had been singing “Home for Christmas” for days, And he will be- Home for Christmas, that is- Just not for my birthday. “I tried” he says, and I … Continue reading Holiday Surprise

To Mother’s House We Go

It’s a long drive to mom’s. 10 hours over mountains and through valleys Over rivers and through woods. Hundreds of miles in December But, to mother’s house we went to Christmas. It’s been an unusually dry winter- Bad for our fire-hazardous, desert of a state- But good for travel. The first few hundred miles passed … Continue reading To Mother’s House We Go

I Don’t Feel Christmas This Year

The season has been unusually warm. The suburban lawns, usually covered in snow by now, still have patches of green. The air- usually crisp and brittle, has been mild and calm. The big game has been played, the turkey cooked and eaten and the seasonal sales are in full swing- but it just doesn’t feel … Continue reading I Don’t Feel Christmas This Year

Home For Christmas

He’ll be home for Christmas. I haven’t seen him since the green summer at the bay. The blue seawater off the coast- And the setting sun on the Ferry Slip- a memory to last through the lonely autumn. But, he’ll be home for Christmas- To warm me again as the days grow short and cold. … Continue reading Home For Christmas

Family Tradition

"BOOOOORN TO BE WIIIILD...!" Three young voices shouted the lyrics as loud and unflatteringly as possible rattling the rolled down windows as the old truck flew down the desert highway. The nineteen year old driver plunged forward into the canyon's nearly deserted road, drifting around a sharp corner spraying dust and gravel over the road's … Continue reading Family Tradition