Frustrating Dating

I've been single for over a year since my last committed relationship. As I mentioned in a previous post about the single-shaming culture of Utah, I don't mind being single. I enjoy having my time, money, and space to myself. I like going out and meeting new people both casually and on dates. Sometimes, I … Continue reading Frustrating Dating

Single Stigma

Being single in Utah is an unofficial sin. Anyone who has ever lived, or tried to date as an adult in Utah will know exactly what I'm talking about. Once you are 18 you are expected to be looking for your life-partner. The sooner you are hitched, the better. By the time you are in … Continue reading Single Stigma

Dating Rules

*I've posted this before, but this is really important so I'm posting it again. The first 3 rules are about safety, the last is just about manners* Writing Challenge: August 27, 2018 Prompt: what are your most important rules when you go out on dates? My 4 Dating Rules: For the first 3 dates, be … Continue reading Dating Rules

One Last, One Last Time

*Rough Draft*   One last, one last time. You asked me for one last, one last time. Against my better judgement I gave it to you.   One last, one last time. I fell for you one last, one last time. I knew it would end- But I loved you.   One last, one last … Continue reading One Last, One Last Time

Late April Meltdown

Writing Challenge: April 17, 2018 Prompt: How are you feeling today? Today, I’m un-naturally calm. The kind of calm I get when I shut down my emotions to avoid a complete melt-down. I broke up with my boyfriend this weekend and immediately regretted it. I know our relationship is complicated and messy, and often unhealthy- … Continue reading Late April Meltdown

Five Ex’s

Writing Challenge: March 17, 2018 Prompt: Write 5 things you'd like to say to your ex *I changed this to things I'd like to say to my five ex's* J- Thank you for being my first love. We were young and stupid, and had no idea what we were doing, but thanks for being my … Continue reading Five Ex’s

5 Ways to Win My Heart

Writing Challenge: February 14, 2018 Prompt: List 5 ways to win your heart   1- Make me smile: I’m often a stressed out, depressed, anxious mess. Having someone who can help me calm down and smile is essential to my life. 2- Give me space: I am an ambivert. I will love you, and love … Continue reading 5 Ways to Win My Heart

First Date

Writing Challenge: Oct 18, 2017 Prompt: Write a list of potential titles and choose one to write from Title: Me, You , and Tiramisu It was our first official date- Though we’ve been together for years. Somehow, things always got in the way- “us” time became “we” time with friends Or “crash” time at home … Continue reading First Date

3 Rules for the First 3 Dates: A Guide for Dating in Your 20’s

  *Please note that these are my personal rules and are not intended to be universal. As I am a straight woman, many of these rules apply mostly to heterosexual dating scenarios. These rules mostly to be applied in a typical “I just met you” or “met online” situations and may be altered or ignored … Continue reading 3 Rules for the First 3 Dates: A Guide for Dating in Your 20’s