Allergic to Happiness? Trying to overcome depression.

I had a bad reaction to my antidepressants. As a teenager I tried Lexapro. Just this year I tried Zoloft. Both drugs are SSRIs, meant to increase Serotonin (the happy chemical) in the brain. Both times I took the smallest dosages possible, and both times I suffered from "Serotonin Syndrome"- a series of side effects … Continue reading Allergic to Happiness? Trying to overcome depression.

Struggling through Spring, Surviving the Summer

My annual bout of Seasonal Affective disorder has melded into regular depression. Usually, as the weather warms so does my mind. This year, it hasn't. It's officially summer now, but both my energy levels and happiness levels have remained stubbornly low. Despite all my best efforts and usual tricks: taking long walks, getting some sun, … Continue reading Struggling through Spring, Surviving the Summer

Things Are Going Well, So Why Aren’t I Happy?

I know I'm not the only person who's been in this position, and maybe you are reading this because you're here too. Basically, I am doing great; I finished school, have settled into a job I enjoy, I have a beautiful place to live, and wonderful friends. I have every reason to be happy- but … Continue reading Things Are Going Well, So Why Aren’t I Happy?

S.A.D: realities of depressive disorders

Christmas has come and gone in an almost uneventful way. The tree was lite, the presents wrapped, and stockings hung- but the joy just wasn't there. The dull browns, the dark days, the cold weather- something about it saps all my energy. It brings out all the sadness, the despair, and hopelessness. It's as if … Continue reading S.A.D: realities of depressive disorders

Documenting My Nervous Breakdown

I'm not sure who this will help other than myself, but I have decided to document my nervous breakdown. From diagnosis to recovery. Every dark, fragmented thought, every episode, and every moment of clarity- I'm going to share. THIS WILL BE TRIGGERING. THIS WILL BE TOUGH, THIS WILL BE OFFENSIVE. These are my experiences, as they … Continue reading Documenting My Nervous Breakdown