The Peak: Hiking, Living, and Learning

Spring in Utah is unpredictable. The morning may dawn bright and clear, the afternoon can be warm and inviting, and by nightfall you have an inch of snow. It's not uncommon to have temperature changes ranging 50 degrees in a 24 hour period, but that's all to be expected in the mountains. The locals here … Continue reading The Peak: Hiking, Living, and Learning

Leaving the Path

Writing Challenge: July 8, 2018 Prompt: Write about the moment you decided to leave the path It was early summer. The weather was warm, but not quite “hot” yet. The sky looked as if it couldn’t decide whether to rain or shine. I went up to one of the many canyons splitting the state, eager … Continue reading Leaving the Path

Climb Mountains

writing challenge: Dec 18, 2017 Prompt: Find a motivational poster online and write something inspired by it. poster: Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. In the Valley everyone seems to be enchanted by Mt. Timpanogos. It is a lumbering form with several well-known trails and … Continue reading Climb Mountains

Rock Canyon at Sunset

*Photo taken by me: October 8, 2017* The Rocky Mountains are young, rough and wild. The way the stone jut out of the ground, violently and forcefully, takes the breath away. At sunset in Utah Valley, the last rays of the westward sun lights up the rocky surface, painting the uneven facades bright gold. This, … Continue reading Rock Canyon at Sunset

Dusty Dirt Road

Writing Challenge: Sept 9, 2017 Prompt: Use alliteration in a poem or story. Down the old, dusty, dirt road; The gravel grinds on the ground beneath my feet. I step, I skip, I stomp, raising up the dust As I race down the road; rocks rolling under my feet. The train-tracks travel along with the … Continue reading Dusty Dirt Road

Bridal Veil Falls

writing Challenge: Aug 5, 2017 Prompt: Think of a waterfall you've seen in real life or online. It’s called “Bridal Veil Falls”, I don’t know the reason why, perhaps it’s because the white water looks like a veil as it tumbles over the cliff. Wide at the top and tapering down into a shallow pool … Continue reading Bridal Veil Falls