Christmas in the Time of Covid

The Modern American Christmas season isn't the same this year. Usually as winter approaches the streets are lite with millions of twinkling lights, stores are stacked with billions of dollars worth of stock, and Christmas songs blare out of every speaker. Everywhere you look people are hustling and bustling from work to school, and store … Continue reading Christmas in the Time of Covid

The Tale of Two New Years: New Years at the Border Inn

My boyfriend has an interesting habit of planning activities for the group regardless of our interest. This maybe movies we aren’t particularly keen to watch or food we aren’t in the mood to try. To his credit- all of his proposals turn into a good time. For this reason, we jumped on his proposal to … Continue reading The Tale of Two New Years: New Years at the Border Inn

Samhain- Ancient Origins of Halloween

This is a poem written from an ancient-Celt's perspective.  The Celts divided the year between Light and Dark, and Samhain was the dividing point. This Holiday fell at the end of Summer Harvest. As the days grew shorter and colder, and the night's grew longer there was no hope of growing more food until Spring. … Continue reading Samhain- Ancient Origins of Halloween