Missing Reflection

Writing Challenge: October 19, 2018 Prompt Inspiration: One day you don't see your reflection in the mirror. She didn’t disappear all at once. It started slowly. First, she bean to dissociate with her reflection. When the steam cleared after her shower, she stared at the face looking back at her and wondered who that person … Continue reading Missing Reflection

To Kill a God

Writing Challenge: Aug 3, 2018 Prompt: How do you kill a god? It begins with inattention. The daily sacred rituals slowly start slipping away. Prayers, offerings, sacrifices- they drop from daily, to weekly, to monthly- falling ever faster. Next comes irreverence. What was once sacred is now questioned. The questions then transform to mockery. Mockery … Continue reading To Kill a God

What Does Life Mean?

Writing Challenge: July 1, 2018 Prompt: What does life mean to you? There is a difference between being alive and living; physical life and a fulfilled life. Being psychically alive can still mean being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually dead. You can physically alive in a blasé fog of apathy and listlessness. This is not what … Continue reading What Does Life Mean?

Actions I Admire

Writing Challenge: June 29, 2018 Prompt: What are some actions you admire?   I admire actions that seem small but say a lot: I admire the simplicity of stopping to pick up a piece of litter from the ground. I admire the kindness of saying “thank you” when a barista hands you your coffee. I … Continue reading Actions I Admire

What is Kindness?

Writing Challenge: April 19, 2018 Prompt: Describe kindness Kindness is compassion. It is empathy and generosity. It is listening, sharing, and understanding. It is soft, warm, and light. Kindness is the smallest acts, words, or gestures that brighten lives. It is the unnecessary necessity. It is often overlooked, and underappreciated, but most influential part of … Continue reading What is Kindness?


Writing Challenge: Feb 21, 2018 Prompt: how important do you think education is? My Grandpa has a saying: “The root of all evil isn’t money; it’s intolerance”. I am inclined to believe him, for it is intolerance that breeds fear, apathy, and hatred, but I take Grandpa’s philosophy further. The root of all evil is … Continue reading Education

Humanity in 3 Words

Writing Challenge: February 2, 2018 Prompt: If you had to describe the human race in three words, what would they be?   Complicated Irrational Adaptable   We are ruled by emotions, survival instincts, and flawed logic. We are social creatures who live in communities, but still praise individuation. We do un-natural things for the joy … Continue reading Humanity in 3 Words

Island of the Lost

writing challenge: Nov 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about a lost object (I went a bit off topic) There are many tales about an island of lost things- a place that somehow attracts the mislaid, misused, and misguided. People and things alike wash up upon shores made up of millions and billions of  the miscellaneous. It’s … Continue reading Island of the Lost

Devils- Found Poem

*This is a found poem written for a school project. Every word and line is taken from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness*   That heart of darkness, Is it not frightful? The shackled form of a conquered monster; Truth stripped of its cloak of time, The truth of the “civilized man”. Angel or a fiend? A … Continue reading Devils- Found Poem

Group Think

Writing Challenge: Oct 21, 2017 Prompt: Write about feeling lost in a crowd We get carried-away when we are part of a crowd; sometimes physically, but almost always mentally. We are no longer ourselves, but part of something bigger. Our emotions feed off one-another, growing into a huge, looming monster we cannot control. One person … Continue reading Group Think