Writing Challenge: August 9, 2018 Prompt: "She hated everything about him."   She hated his attitude. It wasn’t that he was mean or disrespectful. No, he was just childish- he thought everything was a joke. She hated his clothes. Always a t-shirt and jeans to everything. Birthdays, parties, dinner- it didn’t matter. That was his … Continue reading Everything

Dark Rooms: Elizabeth I and John Dudley

Writing Challenge: February 23, 3018 Prompt: Write a story that uses the phrase "his voice brought back memories of dark rooms and broken bones." Queen Elizabeth Recognizes John Dudley She recognized his voice. Soft and smooth but also husky and thick: a clear grumble like rocks tumbling down a hill. That was the voice that … Continue reading Dark Rooms: Elizabeth I and John Dudley

Siren of the Lake

Writing Challenge: February 12, 2018 Prompt: Write something inspired by a dream Siren of the Lake part 1: When her father refused the match, she and her lover planned to run away. She was rich and he was poor- but she loved him so much. She took the bridal clothes she and her mother had … Continue reading Siren of the Lake

Silent Night

Writing Challenge: Jan 18, 2018 Prompt: Write a story that begins with "the silence woke her" The silence woke her. Her eyes swept the dark room- quickly analyzing every shadow. Nothing was wrong. Nothing out of place; everything was as it had been for the last 2 years since they had moved in- except one … Continue reading Silent Night

Wolves’ Song

He lay curled under an ancient pine when she first saw him. Taken in by his silver fur and powerful form she ached to move closer, to become a part of him. Enveloping him in her arms, he felt nothing but the caresses of a strong breeze. Waking from his slumber in a panic from … Continue reading Wolves’ Song